Loralisa Rocca, LCSW
Supportive counseling for older adults and their family caregivers.
Support for Caregivers
Caring for an older adult or dependent family member can be very stressful and challenging.

The emotional experiences involved with providing care can strain even the most capable person. The resulting feelings of anger, anxiety, sadness, isolation, exhaustion—and then guilt for having these feelings—can exact a heavy toll.

In a Caring.com survey of over 1000 family caregivers, 69% said that caring for a loved one is the number-one source of stress, and more than a quarter said their relationships had been negatively impacted by providing care. 

However, family caregivers believe in what they're doing, and want to provide the best care possible.  75 percent say their caregiver role is a source of pride because they're making a difference for their loved one. 

Why supportive counseling?

Your siblings or family members might be too close to the situation to be supportive or helpful.  Your friends have busy lives, you don’t want to burden them. 

With my knowledge and expertise in elder care, I can help you evaluate your situation. Remember, it is not selfish to focus on your own needs and desires when you are a family caregiver. In fact, it is important that you take initiative with your own physical and emotional care, or else it could make you less useful to the person for whom you are caring.

I believe in providing a warm, supportive and thought-provoking environment where you can feel safe to explore your feelings and concerns.  As a counselor, my approach is collaborative - we work together to identify and address whatever issues are most important to you.